I've always been hesitant when it came to the subject of tattoos. I'm not against them in any way.  I've even seen what, three different friends of mine get them done over the years?  One was a friend who got a Buddist phrase done on his arm, another was a friend who did a Radiohead logo on his chest, and I think one was just a touch up on her arm. They can be really pretty! My sister has a few.  Husbando has a few as well. I just don't know if I have anything I want to put on my body permanently, you know?  That, and, frankly, I'm a wussy.  I probably wouldn't be able to sit still through the whole thing and I'd mess it up.  But I like them on other people.  And I found that several people have Missouri themed tattoos!  Have a look!

Those are just some of the ones out there, I'm sure.  Do you have any tattoos you'd like to show us? Comment with your pictures!

Tattooingly yours,


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