Social media has been full of "No Makeup Selfies" recently. If you don't know what that is, women are taking pictures of themselves without wearing any makeup, posting them online, and challenging friends to do the same, all in an effort to raise awareness for cancer.

I think it's a little funny how everyone is so quick to just raise awareness though. You're not actually donating money, or time. Just awareness. It's easy to do. I feel like the reason people do this is not so much for the cause of cancer research, as it is more of a fun game of sorts to play with your friends. Guys do the EXACT same thing with "No Shave November." Yeah, I grow my beard out for cancer awareness, but I'll admit it, I'm mostly just doing it for fun.

Anyway, my point is this: for whatever reason people are getting into these trends, they're really popular. Great cause or silly game (or both), it's crazy how much these no makeup selfies have blown up. But it's a long way till November and I'm feeling left out, so I've decided to start a selfie trend for guys.

The women have been taking pictures without makeup on. Well, that's easy compared to what I propose. I'm starting a new movement where guys have to take a picture WITH makeup on. Now that's embarrassing!

So who's man enough to do it? I did. I'll never do it again, but I was brave enough to have my friend Ashley doll me up and put the picture online.

Men, are you brave enough to post a WITH Makeup Selfie?