Finally some snow and cold!  It looks like winter went to the woods and sat before and during the snow this week.  The deer didn't mind, and I thought it was awesome.  The woods were quiet with the occasional shot during the second youth weekend.  The deer were moving and I saw several small bucks, but not the shooter I wanted.  The does wouldn't get close enough for my liking.

Our Whitetails Unlimited Banquet is almost sold out, so thanks for all of the support from our community.  We've never sold out this fast!  We'll have one, possibly two, AR-15s available at the auction, a Stag Arms custom and a Bushmaster.  We also have a few extra guns for this year's live auction.  We'll have more guns at this year's live auction than ever this year.

If you're going to buy last minute tickets, you'd better buy them fast since we only have 50 left.  Come see me at Stone Laser Imaging at 209 South Ohio Ave in downtown Sedalia to get tickets, or click the button below for a chance to win tickets to the banquet.

We've got 1 1/2 weeks of bow season left before 3D archery season begins.  Remember, Montrose is on the 13th, California on the 20th and the 1st Annual Ice Breaker Classic is at State Fair and Cole Camp, a 2-day shoot that includes overall 2-day trophies.  It's going to be an awesome event!

We'll have updates on the 2013 Cabin Fever Sports Show for you next week, which will include the first Huntin' and Fishin' with Harry and Jam Marketing 3D Pop Up Shoot with cash, prizes and trophy classes.  The Full Draw Pursuit Show and other special guests will be there, so get your booth today or just come check it out.