As I spoke about last week, the archery shoot for was great!  Very hot, but lots of family fun.  At five years old, Kole Kenyon received his first archery medal.  You should have seen the smile not only on Kole's face, but on everyone in our group, especially his dad.

Father's Day is coming up this weekend, so make sure you take time to thank your dad, step dad, grandfather or anyone else that showed you all the guy stuff.  You know who I'm talking about.

They showed you how to run the remote control, as well as how to fall asleep in a chair during a movie you've been forced to watch.  Thank the one that took you hunting, fishing and taught you how to drive.  He was there when you needed him and was still there when you thought you didn't.

To all of those guys, thank you for all you have done.  Thanks to my dad, Harry Hoffert Jr., my late grandfather, Harry Hoffert Sr., and my late stepfather who I called "Dad," Butch Schmidt.  Thanks for the life lessons, and remember, great dads get promoted to great grandpas.

Here is my Question of the Week!  Fill out the form below and answer my question, and you could win some outdoor gear.  Good luck!

What is Missouri's state fish, and what is the state record for the size of that fish?