I was cleaning up some files on my computer at home the other day when I stumbled across some stuff from my first job in radio before I was the morning show host on KIX 105. Yes, the long haired kid in the picture above is me from five years ago when I was first getting into radio.

I was lucky enough that my old hometown of Port Huron, Michigan had a local radio station down the street from the community college I went to. I was even luckier that one of my teachers also worked at that radio station, and I was hired in there on my 18th birthday. I started part-time and eventually was hired to do nights full-time. I ended up working there for a total of five years before I moved down here to Sedalia to do mornings on KIX 105.

My old job was at 96.9 WBTI in Michigan, a station that plays pretty much poppy stuff like Katy Perry or Justin Timberlake. My on air name was "The Bob" (which was pretty awesome), and one of the shows I did there was "Saturday Night on Demand," where I took call in requests for five hours. It was a lot of fun.

I put together a demo to showcase how I sounded on the air, featuring lots of fun phone calls, and it's actually the demo that got me the job here at KIX. If you want to hear a quick two minutes of what I was like before Roll Out of Bed with Rob, you HAVE to listen to "Saturday Night on Demand with The Bob." You can listen below, it's pretty wild!