I found an article online that said over 50% of women own high 10 or more pairs of high heels. Ten pairs of JUST heels! That's a lot. At least to me. I only own five pairs of shoes total, and they all have a specific purpose. I'm interested to see the difference between men and women on this one. So I made it the Topic of the Day on my Facebook page: How many pairs of shoes do you own?

My God, that's a lot of shoes. This was the highest total I saw, but there were a few right behind Diana, I saw some women said 70, 60, and 48.

Wow, that's some dedication. So for ANY event, Zack is wearing the same pair of boots. Working outside? Boots. Going to a nice restaurant? Same boots. Heading to the lake? Boots. Attending a funeral? Boots. Running in a charity 5k race? Boots.

Interesting. Most guys were in the single digits, but Yvette's son has quite a bit more than that. I wonder if he's one of those sneaker collectors?

Anyway, I got quite a few varying numbers from men and women, so I thought I'd make a poll. Let us know, how many pairs of shoes do you own? Get points for answering our poll question here.