Bitstrips. You love them or you hate them. The latest internet craze is used constantly by some, and loathed by others. I've been seeing and hearing a lot about these lately, so I thought I should check it out.

Now if you don't know what Bitstrips are, they're a little program/app/whatever you call it that allows you to create a cartoon avatar of yourself and make comics of you and your friends to share on social media like Facebook. They've actually been around since 2008, but have seen a big surge in popularity lately since they just launched an app for the iOS (iPhone, iPad, ect.).

On my Facebook news feed, I've seen quite a few of these. I've also seen quite a few people complaining about them. Why? Well, a lot of think bitstrips are just... lame. I guess some people find it fun to see a cartoon version of themselves interacting with cartoon friends. And they post these comics CONSTANTLY. The rest of us have our newsfeed flooded with tons of bitstrips, and honestly, I haven't seen a funny or entertaining one yet. They're just kind of weird and pointless in a lot of people's opinion.

Anyway, I decided to dive into the world of Bitstrips and see what they're all about. Check out a few I made below.

This was the very first scene available, and I kept it exactly as it is. I don't get it. What does it have to do with ANYTHING? Is it supposed to be funny?


Oh this is clever (sarcasm). There are a LOT of Bitstrips like this. This one is a pretty good example of what most of these are like.


I changed NOTHING about this. This is a pre-made bit strip, talking about ripping out the hearts of children. WHAT. THE. HELL.


The original caption was something like "Rob fights the urge to kill someone." Or something weird like that. I changed the caption in an effort to add some humor.


Changed the caption, and facial expression. It originally said "President Rob addresses the nation." I guess some people are just thrilled to see a cartoon of themselves as President. I tried to add SOMETHING to it with a joke. (Get it? You can't see the intern because she's under the desk. GET IT?!?!)

My opinion: I don't get it. Mildly interesting to see a cartoon of myself, but these things just aren't entertaining to me. I feel like with a little work people could add some actual humor to their Bitstrips, but overall, it's just not my thing.