The Boys and Girls Clubs of West Central Missouri had their huge event, An Evening of Heart and Hope, on Saturday (February 8). I got to go and it was a hugely fancy event with lots of laughs, love and helping hands. They had something like five hundred people there, from what I could guess. There were plenty of great drinks and snacks, and a great dinner thanks to Bandanas. I know I felt particularly fancy with the free valet parking.

People walked around talking and laughing, checking out the artwork and silent auction items. Sue Heckart was named the Pink Flamingo for all of her charitable work around our area. All told, they raised something in the area of $145,000!

Here are some photos from the auction.

I got to talk with Matt LaCasse again about how the event went, and he also told us all about the people and groups who made the big night possible.

Just because the big auction is over, doesn't mean you can't help out. You can volunteer your time, you can donate some goods, and you can still help out financially.Be sure to go to their website or stop by the building at 3100 Aaron Ave. (near the Post Office), or you can call (660) 826-8331 if you want to find out more information.

Heartily yours,