There are some great events going on this weekend for the bikers out there! Not only is there going to be a big rally on the Missouri State Fairgrounds, but there's also going to be a big event going on at Liberty Park.

This event is for the March of Dimes. Everyone knows and loves this charity that helps out the most vulnerable children out there to get well. This event will be a lot of fun for your family and your friends, whether you're a biker or not! They'll have all sorts of games, a cake walk, food and a silent auction, and all of it is to raise money for the Bikers for Babies.

Here's the organizer of the event, Donna Staton, with more details.

So that'll be this Saturday (Aug. 31) starting at 1:00 p.m. at Liberty Park's Shelter House #3.  So if you're gonna head out to the rally, why not stop by the park too? It's a great way to enjoy the whole weekend with the family. You can have some fun and some food, and then also know you're doing some good.

Find out more about the organization at their website.

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