Hey kids!  I got to spend a few hours doing a broadcast at Menard's today.  This time, only about ten people per hour asked me if I worked there. 

It's kind of become a recurring joke at the station; our shirts are blue, their shirts are blue, it's an honest mistake.  I saw a lot of nice people, and got to give away some Big Surf tickets to a group of kids who were DYING to go swimming.  They were so excited, but they did not want to talk on the air.  Still, it was fun.  And of course, I took pictures!

And then there was this.

Dogs have it sweet!  Some of those treats look like regular people food.  Or maybe that's the point.  Well, it was a good time.  Although I felt a little bad for one lady - she wanted to win some Big Surf tickets, so I gave her some.  But then she came back, saying she had been talking with her family, and THEY wanted to go to the Lincoln tractor pull instead.  So I gave her those tickets instead.  But, turns out, she can't go because she can't take the dust.  So they outvoted her, and they were gonna go with out her! Poor lady.  I gave her a t-shirt though.  Maybe that'll make it better.

Can't wait to go back!  Check out Menard's and get something for Father's Day!

I swear I don't work there,