So there's been a big national survey of restaurants you can't miss all across the country.  But I haven't even HEARD of ours. 

It's a place called Bluestem in Kansas City. So what's the big deal about this place, anyway? Here's what the blog Cheapism said:

Bluestem is led by a James Beard Award-winning chef, and diners say that polish and passion is apparent in every dish. The contemporary American cuisine is served from a tasting menu, and diners can choose from three, five, or seven courses. The atmosphere is modern and streamlined, reviewers say, without that stuffy feel that accompanies many other fine-dining spots.

I've heard of James Beard.  I've watched Chopped. A tasting menu, is that like Tapas, only... American? So you get like, a little bit of each thing?  That could be fun.  Lemme look at that menu.

Autumn beet, acorn squash, radicchio, pine nut, pepita, yogurt, radish. 

Do what now?

Butternut squash soup, sweet cream bavoise, apple, brown butter pecan. 

Okay.  Google, help me. I know what beets are, I know what squash is, I've seen radicchio* on the Food Network.  Yogurt, radish, sure.  Pepita?  OH, it's a fancy word for pumpkin seeds.  So... this like a little appetizer snacky thing.  Just fancy.  Okay, so what is a bavoise? Oh.  It's like a little creamy thing.

They say you can get three, five, or seven courses.  That's just the first. The second one look like more fruit and... pasta? Yeah, pasta.  The third one is.....questionable.  Fish, veggies, broth.  Beluga lentils? I thought a beluga was a fish.  Is it fish lentils?  This seems kinda.. .out of my league.

Reviewer rave: "Service is professional, classy and efficient. Ambiance is pleasant and understated. If you like to watch the open kitchen in action, request a table where you can do that. This is easily one of the best restaurants in Kansas City and, even though it's pricey, it's a restaurant where you can feel like it was worth it. Highly recommended — edible art is made here." — JimH983 on TripAdvisor

Wait, how pricey are we talking here? Three courses of fruit, veggies and fish lentils for EIGHTY DOLLARS?  Color me skeptical.  I mean, I wanna be impressed by fancy dishes, sure.  But eighty bucks?! Well, you can get five courses for ninety dollars.  That seems to be the way to go.  Only ten more bucks and you get like, actual meat and dessert.  The seven course one isn't even on the menu!  Those last two must be a secret.  Only the Illuminati can eat those.

Well, jeez.  Bluestem, you might be a little too fancy for me.  What do you think? You can check out their website here.   Have you ever been? Would you go?

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*Insert Ralph Macchio joke here please

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