When I saw the post talking about a presentation on the new National Steamboat Museum being built at Marshall Junction, I shared my perhaps unpopular opinion, that it might be better built in a river town. Apparently, I'm not the only person with that opinion.

Mike Pettis and I chatted about it during our Friday Happy Hour show, and he was in agreement with me. In fact, he thought Boonville might be a more ideal location. So we made the question on where the National Steamboat Museum should be built as our Friday question of the day.

Here are your thoughts on the matter:

David Woolery asked if it was a serious question. Yes, why shouldn't it be a serious question? Just because people want a museum to work, and the location seems good, doesn't mean it will. Isn't it worth some discussion if it's the right tourist destination to put in that specific spot?

Wendi Burch says, "They keep saying the junction. But there is nothing else there. I don't think will last long there."

Darryl Grandfield wrote, "A river town for sure, never saw one on I-70." 

And Richard Griffith says, "The Junction has the luxury of not flooding. But having the Museum next to one of the great Rivers would help convey the history to the mind's eye. Maybe Arrowrock already a state park with historic focus."

Donna, William, Jim, and Connie also think it'd be better in a river town.

That's not to say there aren't supporters of the project:

Irma Schmidt Davis has seen the presentation and says, "I live in the Marshall Junction area and have seen their presentation. If you haven't seen their presentation, then you should go to this meeting." 

And she makes a good point. Senator Bill Stouffer and Katie Shannon are holding a presentation on the National Steamboat Museum in Sedalia in the City Hall Chambers on Monday, March 28, at 7:00 PM CDT. Regardless of your position on where the museum should be built, it's worth checking out. Robin Balke posted the flyer for the meeting on our Facebook post if you want more information on the event.

Julie A. Brownfield Slocum writes, "Already done deal! Marshall/Saline County paid big bucks to do a feasibility study to determine if they could vie for this project. The number of people that travel through this junction is phenomenal. Marshall Jct is being revitalized. They now have water from Marshall to the south side of I-70, which has always been the big issue. Plans to put restaurants, hotels, & convenience stores out there. The Malta is being raised by the Hawleys (Steamboat Arabia), who have now gotten the Lagina Brothers (Oak Island- History Channel) involved. It was already on their weekly program. So where have you all been....this poll is old news. Things are rolling and the excitement is building!!" 

And she continues, "This will be a NATIONAL Steamboat Museum! Steamboats, at least 6, are planned to be housed there once raised. Arabia #1, The Malta #2....!!"

Deborah Newman says, "So there needs to be growth there. Restaurants. Shopping, hotel, or Marshall needs to pimp the town to attract people to stay there."

Don't get me wrong, if they're going to indeed build the National Steamboat Museum at Marshall Junction, I hope it's successful. I want it to be successful. I hope it brings tourism and money to the areas. I hope Marshall Junction thrives. It just seems an odd place to build it to me.


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