I've been trying to find definitive proof that Lemon Zingers have existed for a little over a decade now. This morning I received a report that Lemon Zingers have recently been purchased at a 7-Eleven in Norfolk, Virginia. (You can read about my entire saga here.)

How do I know this? Lane Dare was kind enough to drop me an email after finding out that the 7-Eleven has stopped carrying Lemon Zingers and instead is now selling Lemon Hostess Cupcakes. Which is a very recent development.

Lane writes, "Just found your email address/article while searching for Lemon Zingers near me.  I have eaten them for years and had the last ones just a couple of months ago at a local 7-Eleven. When I went there last week, the manager told me they no longer carry them and offer instead the Hostess Lemon Cupcakes."

The Lemon Hostess Cupcakes are pretty good. Kathy bought us some recently and we enjoyed them. It's not an everyday purchase. But Hostess did a nice job with them. There's one problem, they're not Lemon Zingers. And while Lane seemingly was able to get them at the 7-Eleven very recently. I haven't seen them in years.

That's got me back on the path of trying to find out more about Lemon Zingers. There's definitely anecdotal proof they existed at one point. Lane's email to me seems to be proof they exist right now or at least existed very recently. The baffling part is why does it seem nearly impossible to find any definitive proof about Lemon Zingers on the Internet. So let me ask you, do you remember Lemon flavored Zingers?

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