There are a lot of very valid reasons to not move anywhere you can think of. However, I now think I have heard the absolute dumbest reasons ever to not move to Missouri. You might want to sit down for this one.

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I saw this very recent video share by YouTube channel Travel OOO. Let me say from the beginning I am normally wary of any story or video that includes "SHOCKING" in ALL CAPS as that's normally a dead giveaway that something dumb awaits. I should have followed my instincts in this case.

Before I tear it apart objectively critique it, watch the video for yourself and pay special attention to the first 2 reasons people are NOT moving to Missouri (they're emphasis, not mine).

Let me see if I have this straight. The #1 reason to not move to Missouri is because it's not close enough to the coast? Well, DUH. As for the #2 reason, Missouri does not have that many natural disasters. Sure, we get our fair share of tornadoes, but so does every other state in America. Oh, and the New Madrid Fault hasn't really rocked us in over 200 years, so you're gonna need a new reason, geniuses.

Another somewhat ridiculous criticism had to do with taxes which the video person admits are relatively low, but they complained that "they didn't get what they paid for"? Say what? The "boredom" they refer to in rural areas is subjective and frankly most of us that live in the rural areas like the peace and quiet you call boredom, so there.

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