Being in the business since I was 16 years old, broadcasting always makes me look and hear things a little differently than most.

With the Presidential Inauguration Wednesday in the nations' capitol, I sat in front of the television, watching and listening. One voice that really stood out for me, was the announcer that made introductions throughout the event. I decided to find out who had this booming voice.

Of course, my first of action was to go to the internet and google "voice of the presidential inauguration." This is what I came up with with on my search.

I found a story on, that revealed the person behind the voice. His name is Courtney Williams and this marks his fourth consecutive time as the voice of the Presidential Inauguration.

A native of Greenbrier, Tennessee, Williams went to the University of Tennessee on a chorus scholarship. While at the university he was afforded the opportunity to audition for the Navy's official chorus. He later joined the Navy and now serves not only as a singer but also a Senior Chief Musician and concert moderator for the U.S. Navy Concert Band.

So you're probably wondering, like myself, how does a kid from Tennessee who sings become the announcer for this prestigious event? According to the Tennessean:

Williams was initially appointed to the job of announcer by Rear Admiral Earl L. Gay for the 2009 inauguration of President Barack Obama.

From the stories I've read online, none of them specifically gives a reason why he was chosen. My guess is he was blessed with one of those voices that stands out in a crowd. However the process took place, I'm impressed!

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