Kids, I recently succumbed to what I call "sale-itis."  As a consequence, I have purchased this poster for less than five dollars and received it today at the studio.  He's about 24" X 18", and here's what he looks like:

Scrappy Wilson Poster

I was struck by his handsome, chiseled, patriotic dog profile, and I was curious: who is Scrappy Wilson?  What, other than health and wealth, does he stand for?  Does he love dog treats and equality for all? Is he fan of bacon and voting?  Does he love playing fetch and kissing babies?   Either way, clearly he is the People's Choice.  He's my choice.  I don't know where I will put him in my home, but he surely deserves a place of honor.

When I google "Scrappy Wilson," all I get are  links to buying this print, so I'm betting he was a made up character for the purpose of the art print.  So let's have some fun with it. Let's make up a story for him.

Who is Scrappy Wilson? Is he the Dog President? Is he just a smart, awesome dog who deserves his own poster prints?  What do you think?  Can you come up with a fun backstory for our friend Scrappy?  Or, would you like to share some of your "sale-itis" items that you love but nobody else seems to "get"?

Scrappily yours,


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