It's your morning ritual. Black, creamed and/or sugared. Java. Joe. Go-go juice. We drink it hot and cold. It's coffee and it's what we drink to get ourselves up and going. So where do you go and how much should we be drinking?

Not only does the caffeine in a cup of coffee help us to wake up in the a.m but also research has told us there are medical benefits, too. 

It's confirmed that a coffee habit is perfectly fine for most people, and may even have some health benefits – from fighting depression in women to lowering the risk of stroke and prostate cancer.

Checking out a story at, according to one report, the benefits may not be there, especially for younger men and women, if you drink more than four cups a day. Young men have a 56 percent increased risk of death from all causes. If you're a younger woman and you're a heavy coffee drinker, you have a greater than two-fold increased mortality risk. A cup was defined as eight ounces of coffee.

In other studies, even if you drink up to six cups of joe a day, there was no increased risk of death .

All in all, you know your limits. Too much definitely know it. Not enough and you're dragging. Either way, enjoy your morning cup of coffee!

Morning Coffee
Warren Price


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