There are a few foods everyone in this country love:  Hamburgers, ice cream, anything deep fried, anything deep fried covered in gravy, and just drinking straight gravy.  After that, we split off a little bit.

Yelp just analyzed ALL of the restaurants in its database to figure out what food is disproportionately popular in every state.

A lot of them make sense.  For example, Cajun food is 1,540% more popular than the national average in Louisiana.  Hawaiian food is 5,028% more popular than average in Hawaii.

Other states where the most popular food is pretty predictable include Tex-Mex food in Texasm cheesesteaks in Pennsylvania,  Kosher food in New York, seafood in Maine, and southern food in basically ALL of the deep South states.

But then there are definitely some random ones.

BUFFETS are the most disproportionately popular cuisine in Minnesota and Iowa.  For Idaho, it's gastropubs. For Alaska, it's Filipino food.  And for West Virginia, it's hot dogs, and for Ohio, it's soup.  Yep, just soup.

So what is it in good ol' Missourah?  Barbecue. We don't discriminate on what KIND of barbecue, of course.  Just give us all of it and we'll be happy.  Right?  Right. Ribs, beef, pork, chicken, whatever - just make it barbecue and we're happy. I just had some barbecue chicken with Husbando and the girls last night, although at first he kind of balked because it was a new recipe and he "didn't want chicken" for some reason.

He ended up liking it though.  So I guess I've really converted him into a Missourian after all, right?  Of course!

Disproportionately yours,

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