We asked this question on the KIX 105.7 Facebook page-You could win $10,000 with the KIX Cash Cow. How would you spend $10K? We got some great answers!

We kicked off the chance to win up to $10,000 with the KIX Cash Cow Monday morning. We give you code words after the top of every hour from 8am-5pm. You take those codes and enter them into the KIX 105.7 app for a chance to win a $1000, and ultimately, the opportunity at $10K.

Here's some of the answers we received to the question-

Billie W. - I would get a furnace. I've been without regular heat and air for 3 years now.

Marie V. D. - I would take the kids and grandbabies on vacation... probably something cheesy like Disney world.

Debra L. - Invest the money and turn 10k into more 🙂 then split up and put into an IRA for my children.

Jessica A. - Buy a car so my children and I have transportation and whatever left over goin to any debt I have.

Here's a guy that's definitely going to score some points if he wins the $10,000-

Ruben H. - Buy my wife a diamond ring 💍 for putting up with me for 33 years

Brain I. - Bills and new windows for our house to help cut down on or utility bills. It was hard to make ends meet thrugh all the tough things last year handed us and everyone last year.

Sometimes it's a very simple thing that means the world to us-

Steve S. - Fix my teeth (get dentures).. I have 2 boys in their 20s that have never seen their dad with all of his teeth.

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