I was talking to my wife the other day about Banana Flips. Do you remember them? They were just one of the many snack cakes I remember growing up.

Growing up in the 60's and 70's I remember the great snack cakes that were available from Hostess, Dolly Madison, and Mickey's.

The Banana Flips were made by Mickey's. It was actually a knock off of the Hostess Twinkie except it was bigger. 

Back when we took our lunches to school, either in a brown paper bag or a metal lunchbox, we would open up and find a sandwich folded up in wax paper, along with a bag made from Saran Wrap full of potato chips and usually a piece of fruit and/or a snack cake.

My favorite were the banana flips, a package of Zingers or Twinkies. Sometimes I would get a Hostess Fruit Pie that actually had a decent amount of fruit inside.

For you maybe was it Ho Ho's, Ding Dong's, Snowballs, mini donuts or cupcakes. Whatever your favorite snack cake was when you were growing up, did it seem that they just tasted better back in the good ol' days?

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