Ever wonder what the nation's number one movie was on the day you were born, or on any date? Now you can easily find out thanks to a web page called playback.fm.

All you have to do is enter the month, day and year you were born on, click "find #1 movie" and voila, there is the top box office attraction on your original birthday. Of course you can put in any other important dates you're curious about too. The day you graduated high school, the day you got married, the day your first child was born... any day you want.

On the day I was born in 1969, the top movie was Support Your Local Sheriff, starring James Garner. Wow. It was a western. As if I didn't feel old enough already. They haven't been making that style of western movie for quite a while now. Beetlejuice was number one the day I graduated from high school.

Not only can you find out the top movie the day you were born, but you can also watch the movie trailer, see how much a ticket cost at the time, and even see how many times your movie could have played on a loop since you were born. For me, the price of a movie ticket was $1.42 and my James Garner flick could have played 256,677 times from the moment I was born, until now. None of this information is making me feel any less old.

Give it a shot. Put in any date you'd like at playlist.fm and see what the top movie was on your given date. My hope for you is that you feel better about your age than I do afterward.

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