You notice I spelled 'not' in capital letters in the title. I did this because for some people, including myself, there is one vegetable we will NOT eat!

Spinach. I can eat it in a salad or in a dip or a casserole but put a portion of the straight out of the can, cooked, and on my plate version and I'll go hungry. I will not eat. I compare it to pond moss. The texture...the look...the smell. Get that nasty stuff away from me.

Some people have told me to put vinegar on it. Oh yeah, like that's going to enhance my taste buds so I'll fork in a blob of the nasty stuff.

It used to be brussel sprouts when I was younger. I've grown to really like them. Little miniature cabbages.

So what is/are the vegetable/s you will not or ever?!?!

Fried Spinach
Getty Images/iStockphoto

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