I just saw a post on Facebook about a friend that died from cancer. I haven't seen the details of what it was that ultimately caused his body to shut down but you wonder sometimes why we have some people that die so young and yet we have some that live to be 100 years plus.

It's sad when we lose a friend and/or family member, no matter what their age, but especially when it's someone in their youth or in their early years of adulthood.

Ever wonder what's the rhyme or reason to this? From what we see and hear, genes play a big part in our good health or lack of it. How we take care of our bodies certainly can attribute to our longevity, too.

I had a great aunt that lived to be 110 years old. She died a couple of years ago. You just wonder what it was that she did differently from others to live that many years.

Unfortunately COVID-19 has taken the lives of many, young and old, but then again you wonder how this woman made it through the coronavirus.

In a story from foxnews.com, a 105-year old woman beat COVID-19. So not only is she battling old age and every ailment that comes along with being a senior but also the 'rona. According to this New Jersey centenarian, she attributes her health to the following:

She prays and avoids junk food, and one other thing: she loves raisins soaked in gin.

Lucia DeClerck, goes on to say in the story that she takes the raisins and lets them soak in gin for nine days in a mason jar and then she will eat nine a day. She says they taste like candy.

Who's going to argue with that logic?

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