Earlier this month after the 4th of July holiday the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services sent out a letter reminding dispensaries that they can't sell marijuana as part of promotional events. While I'm all for making pot available to everyone, I do think based on Missouri's current pot law that it's the right call.

MoGreenway.com quotes the letter sent to dispensaries:

The Department views a promotional event as any activity, advertisement, or publicity designed to increase interest in purchasing medical marijuana or a particular product or brand of medical marijuana. For example, facilities are not allowed to advertise price discounts on a particular product because that would result in disbursing medical marijuana as part of a promotional event. Advertising that there will be discounted pricing on a holiday would also result in disbursing medical marijuana as part of a promotional event.

I personally find the laws that force marijuana users to see a doctor and get a medical marijuana card to be kind of dumb. Marijuana can help with a wide variety of medical and mental health issues. And, the truth is, most people can find some type of health problem -- even if it's fairly minor -- and get a card... even if their intent is to just catch a buzz over the weekend.

My thought is if the state says marijuana is for medical use, and not a recreational drug. Then asking dispensaries to not engage in advertising sales and promotions that resemble a liquor store's 4th of July all-American booze blow-out sale is probably the right move.

Even if the whole medical marijuana setup is more about placating those who have their panties in a bunch over someone wanting to use pot to relax after a hard week's work.


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