You probably know a lot about your house. What works, what kind of works, when it was built, what could stand to be replaced and what doesn't need to be replaced. But what about your home's history. Do you know (or would you want to know) if someone ever died in your house? There's actually a website for that. offers users a report (for a fee) that details whether or not anyone ever died at a specific address. "In most states, sellers and their agents don't have to reveal anything about murders or suicides in a home you're prepared to purchase," says the Died in House promotional video. "Shouldn't you have all of the facts before you buy a home?"

Hmmm...maybe. On the other hand, what I don't know ain't hurtin' me! In all seriousness, I can see checking out something like this before buying a new home, but if I had lived at the same address for several years, and hadn't yet been haunted, possessed, or had any reason to call The Exorcist, I'd probably just leave well enough alone.

The Died in House report also includes all kinds of additional information, including meth lab records, fire related records, death occurring at an address, registered sex offender data, property information, sales history information and tax value and assessment.

Don't order the report unless you really want to know!

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