Sedalia's an interesting place. What we may lack in size or population, we make up for in CREATIVITY.I've pretty much worked here since I was in college. Yeah, there was a little time I was gone, but you could safely say for about the last twelve years or so I've been here. When I talk to non radio people about the job, they always have a few of the same questions. Sometimes it's simple stuff about technology, and sometimes it's about the listeners themselves.

And you know, I have gotten some strange calls over the years. I used to work evenings (at the time I was working full time at one job from 8-3, and then I'd work here from 4-12) and... well, I guess the night makes the "interesting" stuff come out. I can't tell you how many times someone has called to ask me to pick lottery numbers. I had one lady call to yell at me for some other radio station not picking up their phone. I asked her if she'd call McDonald's to complain about Burger King, and then she told me a story about how she'd jumped in a lake once when she was a teenager.


But the BEST one, for me anyway, was a guy who would call and talk to me about..... nothing? Everything? When I wasn't there, he'd call and leave voice mails so long that the phone would hang up on him, and then he'd call BACK and fill up another voicemail. I think the most he did this was four times in one night? Anyway. I saved one over the years, you just have to hear it for yourself.

Well folks, here's to another twelve years of Sedalia weirdness.

Voicemailingly yours,