Last Friday the Warrensburg Police & Fire Departments held a blood drive that included "The Battle for Blood." As people donated they were asked to choose a side. The police or the fire department. When it was all said and done the police department had 87 donors and the fire department 55. At least that's what the Warrensburg PD Facebook page says.

As the Warrensburg Police Department Facebook post shows, they wasted no time gloating about their victory and talking some smack regarding the fire department:

The good news. The blood drive collected 161 units of blood, smashing the 125 unit goal set. It was the best blood drive held by Warrensburg Police and Fire Departments. If you missed the blood drive there's another opportunity to donate Wednesday at the University of Central Missouri in the student union.

The next Warrensburg Police and Fire Department blood drive is on September 6 and will honor the victims and heroes of 9-11. You can check out the Warrensburg Police Departments Facebook page here. The Warrensburg Fire Departments Facebook page here.

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