Soon after we moved to Warrensburg my wife helped capture a porch pirate. Or rather she had the presence of mind to get the porch pirate's license plate number, a description of his vehicle, and after a quick call to 911... Warrensburg Police had the thief in bracelets. You can be the next hero for all of us battling porch pirates by dropping a dime on the woman in this picture.

Warrensburg Police is looking for help in identifying this woman who stole a package from 1017 S. Holden. According to Warrensburg Police she walked through Central Village and has been observed by others in the area. If you know who she is Warrensburg Police would like you to share that information with them. You can call WPD at 660-747-9133.

You can get a better view of our light fingers Louise as her crime was captured on a Ring door bell camera. You can see the video here.

There are some other ways to prevent being a victim of package thieves. recommends the following:

  • A highly visible outdoor security camera that is pointed at the package drop off area.
  • A video doorbell. Their lower profile makes them less of a deterrent to package thieves, but their position many times makes it easy to identify whose ripping off your package.
  • Using a package lock box.
  • Advertising your security system through highly visible window stickers and lawn signs.

You don't need to invest in video surveillance to beat the porch pirates though. CNBC offered these simple tips to make sure your packages get into your hands instead of porch pirates:

  • Have your packages delivered to work, or a friend or relatives home that you know will be there to receive the package for you.
  • Have your packages held at the post office for pick up.
  • If you're ordering through a retailer like Walmart, use the ship to store option.
  • Rent a post office box.
  • Ask your postal carrier to place your packages in an area out of plain view.

Stay safe, stay vigilant and let's help the Warrensburg Police Department bust this porch pirate.

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