Warresnburg Animal Rescue (WAR), the group formed to save Old Drum and Friends Animal Shelter in Warrensburg is set to take over the shelter on January 1.

On Monday December 14 the Warrensburg City Council passed an ordinance authorizing an agreement to ensure the continuation of animal shelter operations. The agreement ensures the shelter will remain open through the end of 2021 with Warrensburg Animal Rescue providing animal services to the community and region. In exchange the City will allow Warrensburg Animal Rescue to use the current facilities of the shelter at not cost.

As part of the agreement, a county-wide measure to finance the shelter beyond 2021 will be on the April General Municipal Election ballot. If it passes, the animal shelter will be funded for the foreseeable future.

This huge accomplishment would not have been possible if it were not for the love, help, support, and dedication of our local community.

The post goes on to outline what WAR hopes to do, both in the short term and the longer term. The group is planning to continue animal care for Warrensburg and unincorporated Johnson County for years to come. And hope to expand to incorporated areas of Johnson County within the next year.

WAR says they have many things planned for their team, their animals and the community in the upcoming months. And asks it's supporters and the community to "stay tuned for future events and opportunities."

As an animal lover and someone whose been involved with animal shelters and rescue groups on and off since we rescued our first dog a decade ago. I can tell you WAR's going to need our help. Our help to get Johnson County voters to support the shelter at the ballot box. Help with the animals at the shelter. And help getting others to support the shelter financially or through in kind donations. And much more.

Warrensburg Animal Rescue's staff is made up of:

Mason Wirsig - President
Olivia Bloom - Vice President
Sarah Chamberlin - Treasurer
Shelley Amos - Secretary
Christina Burke - Community Event Coordinator
Kayla Frank - Shelter Director

You can learn more about Warrensburg Animal Rescue at their Facebook Page. And keep up with what's going on at Old Drum and Friends Animal Shelter at their Facebook page.

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