There is a small town in Missouri that every Christmas holiday gets a lot more famous.  The town only has about 2000 people in it.  It is in McDonald County and it boarders Northwest Arkansas.  But it's name alone should fill you with Christmas feelings. It am talking about the town of Noel Missouri.

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Now this town has become a tourist destination. Drawing travelers who seek a slower pace and beautiful Ozark scenery. With the Elk River and its tributaries Indian Creek and Big Sugar Creek at hand, Noel has also earned a reputation as the Canoe City of the Ozarks.

But they have a Christmas tradition that has become something that is known around the world. The town changes its name for a very special postage stamp. It’s the city of Noel—which becomes “Noel” (no-ell) this time of year for the annual Christmas postmark. This tradition has been going on for 90 years.

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Volunteers will be in the lobby of the Post Office and expect to get letters from all over the globe.  This year they are expecting to get around 40,000 or so.  And they have been working since Thanksgiving, and will continue through Christmas Eve.

Now, I don't know how many of you still send out Christmas cards, but for this small town, this is something that they really take pride in, and are willing to that extra step to add a little extra Christmas cheer.  You can read a little bit more about it HERE.

If you would like to get a card stamped at no cost, mail it to the Postmaster in Noel.  Happy Holidays!

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