Man, it is hot, and I mean hot. But hey, we've been really lucky so far, but I want some rain. but not this weekend. I will be at the mid-mo rally this Saturday and Sunday, and it's sure to be an awesome event.

The rally has been two years in the making with potentially 2000 riders that will bring business to our fine city, so go check it out. It's only $10.00 per day, and each day has dirt drags and live music, so come stop by, tell me some fish stories and get signed up for our trail cam contest and big buck contest to benefit my favorite, the Wounded Warriors Project.

I'm also taking Rob Edwards and his brother to Charlie's Buffet for supper for the first time, another step in his "redneck rualization," as I call it, and he is starting to get a little more redneck, but hey, I'm tryin'.

Bikers for Babies is happening this weekend, plus an awesome fish fry and hog roast at Hughesville for donations to support their fire department.

Remember to keep tuned in for info on our trail cam contest and big buck contests. Oh yeah, I'm sellin' my house for $15,000 under appraisal, so if you want to check it out, hit me up on Facebook. Thanks, we are doing all the things we do because of the ass kickin' that the us military has done and continues to do, so thank a vet and I'll see ya next week.