Sure, there are plenty of pharmacies around town.  You could go to Wal Mart, CVS, Walgreens, pretty much anywhere you need to go. But my family has always gone to Plaza.  We went there when it was Limit, and I still go there now that there's only one location up on 10th.  They're great.  I love all the staff, they're very sweet and make an effort to get to know you. Half the time they see my car coming and know to get my order out.

There is a problem, however.  They have a limited space there.  You have plenty of room to park up if you want to go inside, but if you want to use the drive thru, you have only so much room, and it can back up quick.  Why does it back up?  Sometimes, it takes time to process a payment or something. I get that.  Stuff happens.  But just the other day I was there to pick up a prescription, and I swear, it was taking forever.  I sat there for at least ten minutes. I thought about going inside, but by that time someone was behind me and there was another car behind him.

I looked up to see if I could get a clue as to what was going on with the car in front of me, and... the lady was chatting.  I could see her leaning on the side of her door, gesturing, laughing, just... talking. I mean, I get that these people are probably your friends. They're nice people. But that's not what the drive thru is for.  You're there to get your meds, say thanks, and move on.  If you want to talk,  go inside! They will be happy to chat.  They can do more than one thing while they're catching up with you. They can and will keep working while talking to you.  But the poor girl at the window, she's stuck there.  If you want to take five minutes to talk about the weather, she's not going to be rude and tell you to leave.

I'll be that rude, though.  Get Going.  I get that they're great people. I get it.  But I'm picking this up on my lunch hour, that's why I'm in the drive thru lane. I don't have time to do this today.  I've got other errands to run, and none of them involve me actually eating lunch.  Sometimes if I see a big line in the drive thru, I'll go inside. If I need a recommendation or if I have questions about a medicine, I'll go inside.  But in this instance, I cannot, and it's partly because you're telling the poor girl at the window about your dog.  So get your pills and get moving, lady.  And if you're someone who has difficulty getting out of your car - did you know they deliver? Because they do.  You don't have to get out of your car because you won't be in your car, you'll be home.  They'll bring it to you.  And it's free.  And if you have questions about your prescription, you can actually just call them and ask.  I've never had a problem getting someone on the phone over there.

What do you think? Do you agree/disagree with me? Which pharmacy do you use?  Do you like it?  Tell me all about it.

Drivingly yours,

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