Okay, I know I do this a lot, but this one really did come out of nowhere. I was doing my thing, that you know I do, where I go to Google or YouTube and look for stuff to write about (I can't keep writing about sitting on my couch with my cat, after all).  So I did a search for famous people that graduated or attended college up at UCM.  I saw the ones I expected to see, the guy from the Big Bang Theory that I kinda knew, the guy from Mama's Family that I think I met once, a few politicians, a few athletes, a lady with an impressive video reel that was in a Clint Eastwood movie.  But then...I came across a name I've never seen before.

Tolga Çevik.

So I clicked through, and turns out, this dude is super famous in Turkey.  He's a comedian.  He hosts TV shows, does sketch shows, movies, podcasts, you name it, for the last twenty years.  I was pretty surprised, but then I thought...but what does he have to do with UCM?

Turns out, dude went to school at UCM back when it was CMSU.  He majored in theater there!  I can't imagine coming all the way from Turkey to Warrensburg.  What a change in pace, lifestyle, culture... it must have been very different!  I wonder if getting an education here in Mid Missouri helped shape his comedy? It surely must have, people here are always making me laugh.

SO, of course I have to try to see what he does.  I watched a bit of a clip of his show, but I don't think I'll share it because there were no subtitles.  It looked a bit like a mix between the Carol Burnett Show and a talk show, maybe a variety mix. But I DID find a movie he's in that has a trailer with subtitles.  It's called "Who Are You?"

It seems like an action/slapstick detective comedy.  Not unlike maybe the Pink Panther movies. My favorite part was at the end, when the car was being towed.  Turns out the guy has a ton of stuff on Netflix (So yes, I was on Netflix at work, but FOR WORK, for real and I just did a search of his name, no watching stuff) so I might have to check some more of it out!

You know, he's around my age.  Maybe a few years older.  I wonder if anybody around here who went to college in the nineties up in the 'Burg remembers him?  I hope his friends from college know how big he made it back home!

Turkishly yours,

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