Here at our radio stations, computers are everywhere. They are part of our everyday operations. We use our websites, Twitter, Facebook, the lot.  And the other day, our friend Rob was using one of those communal computers and left his Facebook account logged in. So I left a little joke message on his profile.

Rob's Post

It's something I've done at least a dozen times to everyone who has done that here.  I did it to Bruce, Kaleb, Derrick, and to Doug at least five times. If you leave your Facebook logged in to a computer that I use, and you walk away for more than ten minutes, it's probably gonna happen.

Our friend Harry, from Huntin and Fishin with Harry, saw it and left a comment that was needling me a little for what he knows of my political beliefs.  For me, I chose not to comment there, partially because... well, it had nothing to do with the post itself.  So he must have been bored or something and wanted me to entertain him.  I didn't respond there not because I dislike Harry or because I have any problem with him, but I just don't want to have that conversation. I don't ever want to have that conversation.  With anybody.

It's not that hard to find out how I feel about certain social and economic issues. I've had bumper stickers before, and it's on my official Facebook, but I don't have posts or updates about those political leanings very often.  Very, very rarely, in fact.  That is because I do not want to have that conversation with you. Heck, I don't like to have that conversation with Boyfriendo.

Everybody has their own beliefs when it comes to voting, social issues, economic issues, world politics, etc. I have no problem with what you want to believe, or who you want to support.  I simply like to make my stance known, and leave it at that.  I'll vote my conscience, you vote yours.  I don't mind you making your beliefs known to me, and I won't make any assumptions about you and your life because of them.  I guess I'd just ask that you do the same for me.

Please don't assume that because I vote a certain way that I hate you or think you're stupid or that I want to change your way of life or your religious beliefs.  That's antithesis to how I want to be treated.  I understand that you've got your life and you're proud of who you support, and that's your right, I fully support that and definitely want you to have that.  But I also want to live and let live.

So yeah, Harry may try to taunt me into debate from time to time - with varying colorful grammatical and spelling errors, but that's not my speed. In fact, with Harry, my voting record may be one the few things he actually knows about me.  Otherwise, our paths don't cross.  He and I are like a mountain lion and a penguin (I'm the penguin, to clarify): never in the same ecosystem naturally.  We have the station in common -and the station, in this analogy,  would be not unlike a zoo, housing these two species.  We are in different sections of the zoo.  There's no natural selection predatory problem, they just have nothing in common.

If you want to have a lively debate about politics, I'm sure there are several people here who are more than willing to have that debate with you (our newsman Jack Miller comes to mind).  But me, no thanks.   I'll be over here watching Doctor Who and Nazi documentaries while listening to weird alternative bluegrass music or something.

Debatingly yours,

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