The Liberty Land Flyer train at Liberty Park will be closed this spring and summer to replace & repair the tracks.

Director of Sedalia Parks and Recreation, Amy Epple, said the track did not pass inspection and needs major work. She emphasized the main concern is the safety of riders, operators and patrons of the park.

Repairs were originally planned for the train house, however Epple indicated the track work took priority. The Parks department has $50,000.00 budgeted for the repairs.

According to Epple, a representative from Beams Railway Services will meet with park staff on April 6 to discuss which repairs can be done in-house and which may require more work.

The train ride will be closed for the spring and summer. However, Epple noted the train could reopen by the fall depending on weather and the rate of repairs, adding that it would definitely be open by the spring of 2020.

The Sunrise Optimists have operated the train for several years, but are not currently running the ride. Sedalia Parks and Rec thanked the group for their support while the necessary repairs are made, saying the Sunrise Optimists have been very gracious and understanding.

Epple indicated their has been interest in starting a Sedalia Train Club, which could include civic organizations to operate the train after completing safety requirements. Epple said the topic will be discussed further in the future.

For for more information, call the Parks and Rec Department at 826-4930.

Ryan Skaith
Ryan Skaith

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