It's a trip to the Jayhawk state for the Smith-Cotton Tigers as they land in Lawrence to play Free State High School in Friday night football.

WIth Smith-Cotton leaving the West Central Conference at the end of the 2017-2018 school year, the Tigers are in limbo as they wait to join another conference in the future.

With that being said the Tigers have been on the road to unfamiliar locations and have hosted schools that they normally haven't seen on their schedule.

For example, last week's game with Smithville is one that would not have probably taken place if the the Tigers were locked into a conference. Three games with Columbia-based  teams in one season is not the norm.

So with the change Smith -Cotton travels to Lawrence to tangle with the #2 team in Kansas Class 6 high school football. Now these are the big boys. It's the largest class ranking in the state. The Freebirds are for real and the Tigers will have to have their "A" game on track to battle the Freebirds.

Good luck to the Tigers!

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