We all took part in fire drills when we were in school. If you work in a factory or in a large building you may have also taken part in fire dirills or safety drills. Fire departments also suggest you should have a plan to escape your home in case of a fire. But what about your pets? Do you have plans in place to keep your pets safe?

Pet Fire Safety Day is designed to get us to think about that. The American Kennel Club and a home burglar / fire alarm company teamed up to create the day and they have tthe following tips:

  • Extinguish open flames. Pets are curious and they'll investigate candles, your stove and even a fire in your fire place. Make sure your appliances are turned off and any candles or fires are extinguished before you head out or head to bed for the night.
  • Pet proof your home. Look for areas where your pet might inadvertantly start a fire. Like stove knobs, loose wires and other potential hazards.
  • Secure young pets. Keep kittens and puppies away from potential fire starting hazzards when you're not home.
  • Keep pets near entrances. Keep or kennel pets in areas easily accessable by first responders. Making your pets easily findable makes it easier for them to be rescued in an emergency.
  • Practice escape routes with your pets. Keep leashes and collars in a place easy to find incase you need to escape quickly with your pet.
  • Use a pet alert window cling that tells the fire department you have pets and how many pets are in your home.

There you have it. Keep the above tips in mind and you and your pet will have a long happy life together.

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