The Syracuse, N.Y. location of Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill owes over $189,000 in sales taxes from 2013, according to a warrant issued by the state of New York. The eatery opened at Destiny USA in 2013.

There are 15 I Love This Bar & Grill locations nationwide, with five more planned (according to the website). The sales tax issues only affect the Syracuse location, which has been rumored to be closing for several months, according to

Sales taxes are collected from customers and paid directly to taxing authorities. Forbes explains how they’re treated differently from other taxes, adding that it’s always tempting for a business that is struggling to dip into the collection to pay bills. No one from the restaurant chain has commented on the case, and it’s not clear if that’s what happened in this instance.

According to Forbes Toby Keith doesn’t own the restaurants, he just has a licensing agreement that allows the owners to use his name. The chain got its name from his 2003 hit ‘I Love This Bar.’ The exact total owed is $189,392.17. The state could seize property and the business but as of now the restaurant remains open.