Tim McGraw and wife Faith Hill are at the center of a "totally ridiculous" rumor that they are preparing to engage in a very expensive divorce.

The story that the rock solid couple are about to split began circulating recently, with tabloid National Enquirer at the forefront of the rumor. The gossip rag asserts that the couple's marriage is kaput because McGraw feels like Hill has mistreated him and that she has major trust issues.

Taylor Swift was dragged into the mix, with the tab suggesting that Hill was jealous of her husband's "sexual chemistry" with the singer, 24. While Swift and McGraw have enjoyed professional success together -- touring, 'Highway Don't Care,' etc. -- and seem to genuinely like one another, it has never appeared to run romantic.

The magazine furthers that McGraw has had it with his wife's issues and is ready to walk out of the nearly 18-year marriage, and that their joint $135 million empire is at stake.

A rep for McGraw has officially shot the claims down, deeming the divorce rumor “totally false and ridiculous.”

McGraw has always been pretty open about his rock solid family life with Hill and their three daughters, recently revealing the girls' musical tastes and talking about how he still puts family first, even as his teens are beginning to spread their wings and spend less time with ol' dad.

In short, the Enquirer's claims are unsubstantiated. All appears strong in the McGraw-Hill marriage -- one of the most enduring in country music.