Kids, I am a person who is just as romantical as the next jerk.  But, I can't say that I see Valentine's Day as anything to get all hepped up and romantified about.

I mean, really.  Do you know who St. Valentine is?  Do you know how St. Valentine somehow means you give cards and candy?  Is there anything particularly amazing about this Thursday than last Thursday?  Do you love your partner any less or more today than you did, say, Wednesday?  So what difference does it make?  I am a person who believes in appreciating your partner all year 'round, not just on one or two days a year.

So, having said that, I'm going to give three awesome ideas for something much better to do on Valentine's day than the standard boring gestures of "romance."

1.  Clear Out Your Evening.  If you've got kids, clear 'em out for evening.  If you've got responsibilities, forget 'em.  Do all your chores, all your errands and all that stuff the day before.

2.  Do Something Fun/Irresponsible.  Play a video game.  Go swing on a swing.  Eat more ice cream than you should.  Stay up an hour later than you normally would. Watch a movie with horrible, dirty swears or maybe even some screamin' and bloody murder.  Turn up some music and dance around in your underwear. Do whatever it is you think is somewhat forbidden.

3.  Take a Second and Talk.  Then, later on at some point, when you guys are just giggling like total nerds or stuffing your faces with sugary soda, take a second and just talk.  It doesn't have to be some big huge discussion of the future.  Just talk about TV or work or the pope or whatever.  Connect enough that you remember why you got with this person in the first place, and what keeps you together (other than house payments and children).

Then, bam. I'm telling you, that's a much better (and cheaper) Valentine's Day then having to dress up in uncomfortable shoes and buy some gift that they probably don't even want and to go do something you probably don't even wanna do.  Well, at least it is to me.  For me, that's what I did with my Valentine this weekend since I'm not going to celebrate this Thursday.

Valentine-ily yours,