What's the best backpacking trail in the Midwest? There are no doubt some great options with many near the Great Lakes that normally get all the attention. However, there is one trail in Missouri that was just named one of the top 7 in the entire region.

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Paria Outdoors just listed what they consider the top 7 backpacking trails in the entire Midwest. Among those top hiking places is one in Missouri. (*drum roll*)...

Big Piney Trail

Big Piney Trail is located in the Paddy Creek Wilderness of the Mark Twain National Forest in southern Missouri. Why did it get a nod as one of the best backpacking trails in the Midwest? Paria Outdoors praises it for "no luxuries of footbridges or established campsites". Translation? That means if you value "roughing it", you'll love this Missouri place.

Along with rough trails, Big Piney also does not have any drinking fountains nearby. That means you better be packing water and have a good understanding of how to filter natural stream water.

By the way, Big Piney Trail in Missouri being considered great is not a new idea. It's been one of the higher-rated trails on All Trails for a long time. It's a more than 16 mile loop trail that will easily take you a day to complete even if you're experienced. Still, it comes highly-recommended as one of the best backpacking experiences you can have in the Midwest. Best of all, it's right in our backyard in Missouri and is open year-round.

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