Every now and then I like to look up local places on the website Yelp. It's just one of those "I'm bored, what's good to read" habits.  And I was thinking about how I still have a ten dollar gift card from Kehde's, maybe I'll read some of theirs.

That's when I came across Alexander.


Look at this DUDE.  What on earth is going through his head?

I don't know if I'm just so well traveled or the locals don't know what taste good.

Just... wow.  That sure sounds like a dude who's mansplained a time or two. He manages to "subtly" compliment himself, while belittling the very people who tried to help him out.  You asked for a recommendation, locals told you to try a place that's been around for decades, and you assume they don't know what "taste good" (Correct grammar should be "tastes good", the the way).

And I'm sure he probably is well traveled, and I'm sure he's been appreciated all over the world for his fine culinary opinions.  I just have a big grain of salt in my reading of this. He tried three appetizers, and they were ALL bad? If all of them were bad, how could they stay in business year after year? And you don't like the way they plate stuff?  Who are you, Gordon Ramsay? Kehde's isn't about pretense. It's home style.  They know you're getting barbecue, and it's probably going to be messy. What do you want, a special little gold flake on top of your mashed potatoes?!

I don't know, something about this guy's tone just got under my skin, like he thinks he's so much better than everyone else. And I really hate the implication of "Well, they're from a small town, so they're dumb and uncultured." I don't know about you, but almost every time I've been to Kehde's the food and staff were great.  Sure, like every restaurant, they have bad days or they get swamped, I get it.  But I would never assume that I was so high and mighty that I was better than them because I've traveled a bit. Just because I've been around the country doesn't make me an expert on cuisine.

It's just so funny, this dude and his attitude.  It's like he's saying, "WELL, I've been to Japan, so I know what good barbecue is."  Get over yourself, bud.

Barbecuingly yours,


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