You'll see some groups or clubs offering Halloween parties but no one tops the Halloween celebration that's held every year in Independence, Kansas.

Neewollah, ever heard of it? If you're a big fan of Halloween you'll recognize that it's Halloween spelled backwards. The folks in Independence, KS make sure they have a celebration every year that is the tops. They turn it into a week full of spirit-filled fun.

Here's how it all took place. Back in the day they came up with an idea to have an event that would provide positive activities instead of the usual pranks. The town folks decided to have a parade and from there it took off. Now it's not just one parade but three different parades take place during the celebration.

Now it includes the Neewollah Queen competition, community activities, and a carnival. Also included in the activiites is a hometown musical.

Independence grows from around 10,000 to 100,000 during the week-long event. It all takes place from October 18-26. If you need more information about the event on the Neewollah website.

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