The Halloween candy has hit the shelves and now you have the excuse the you're just buying the sugary treat for the kids.  It's time to find out the favorites of those spooks and goblins.


We went to different sites on the internet to see what the general consensus was of confection connoisseurs and came up with this list. I'm not sure I agree with the number two pick on the list. The rest of the candies on the list, well...I'm good. I could come out a happy camper (or ghost) with all these goodies in my pillow case. (Yes, was either a pillow case or a decorated brown paper grocery bag. And the ghost was one of mom's sheets (hopefully not a good one) with two holes cut out so you could see where you were going.

Ok...In reverse order...

10. Candy Corn (always seems to make the list)

9. Skittles

8. Butterfinger

7. Twizzlers

6. Lifesavers

5. M&M's

4. Kit Kats

3. Twix

2. Snickers

1. Reese's Peanut Butter Cup

What do you think?

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