Growing up the go-to house on Halloween in my neighborhood was the guy who worked for 7-Up. He always gave away cans of soda. These days, between food allergies,  and parents who are more likely to monitor their kids intake of sweets some of us may want to give away something that isn't edible.

Here are five goodies which aren't edible that might be cool to stick in trick or treat bags. I found these on


  • Joyin Direct via
    Joyin Direct via

    Halloween Stamps Assortment

    An assortment of Halloween themed self inking stamps. Sold in both 100 count and 50 count boxes. The 100 count box is $14.99.

  • VIRIITA via
    VIRIITA via

    18 Pack Halloween Wind Up Toys

    If you live in an area where you don't think you'll get a lot of kids trick-or-treating you might think about these cool wind up toys. You can get a package of 18 of these off of for $16.99.

  • Moyeenee via
    Moyeenee via

    LED Flash Rings

    LED flash rings in a variety of colors and patterns including ghosts, bats, one eyes, pirates, etc. Cost for a package of 50 through is $21.99

  • JOYIN via
    JOYIN via

    Glow in The Dark Bouncing Balls

    1.25 inch glow in the dark bouncing balls. You can get a package of 72 of these from for $15.99.

  • Play-Doh via
    Play-Doh via

    Play-Doh Party Bag Dough

    If you want to be the cool house on the block then maybe giving away Play-Doh might do the trick. (Or I might be way off thinking kids still think this is cool.) Either way you can get 15 one ounce cans of Play-Doh to put in kids trick-or-treat bags for $5.97 from At a price like that you could get two or three bags!

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