This classic diner in Excelsior Springs looks like it's right out of a television show. The show it looks like it could be right out of, in my opinion, is "NCIS". It reminds me of the kind of place Gibbs would eat at when he returns to his hometown of Stillwater, Pennsylvania. Lucky for us we don't need to head to Stillwater to experience it.

Ray's Diner is in Excelsior Springs and according to the Visit Excelsior Springs website,  is a great local joint to check out for breakfast or a cheeseburger and some fries.

Ray's Diner offers a complete breakfast menu. Everything from eggs to pancakes, including waffles, breakfast sandwiches, and a variety of breakfast sides. Burgers, hotdogs, chicken, and fish sandwiches are the main items available for lunch.

Ray's Diner
Ray's Diner

According to Ray's website, the diner opened in 1932 and they still use the original seasoned grill for their burgers, will check you out using the original cash register and the chili recipe, it's Ray's original recipe from Ray Miller, the man who opened the diner.

Yelp Reviews are generally four and five-star reviews, here are a few to wet your appetite:

"Stopped by here while exploring downtown and had breakfast. It's a small locally owned diner. Seating is limited. Locals frequent the place, and it seems like everyone knew everyone. Servers were just as friendly to us, "tourist", as they were the locals. Food was good, cooked right in front of you. Generous portions, clean and served quickly." - Jo M.

"I got the Cheeseburger and fries and my date had the grilled cheese with chili cheese fries.  The service was great. It's a very small diner. We scored a seat in a booth by luck. The burger is small and they advertise it that way. It was perfect for me. They overload you with fries, and they were great. " -David V.

"This place was quick and delicious. Food was super inexpensive. Had an old time diner feel in the best way! Service was soooo friendly! Excelsior is such a cute area and this feels like such a good representation of that! Eat here and walk to the other little shops close by." - Chelsey C.

Ray's Diner
Ray's Diner

Prices are right too, Breakfast will run you around $10.00, and a lunch platter about $11.00 with a soft drink. Ray's doesn't accept credit or debit cards, it's strictly cash or check. They're open for breakfast and lunch 6:00 AM - 2:00 PM Monday - Saturday.

Excelsior Springs is located about 90 minutes northwest of Sedalia outside of Liberty near Kansas City. Ray's Diner is located at 231 E. Broadway in Excelsior Springs.

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