Sheryl Crow's musical, 'Diner,' was originally scheduled to premiere on April 10. Unfortunately, after a workshop in New York, the show has been pushed back to start this fall instead. But fear not! It sounds like the production is still going forward as planned.

According to Country Music Tattle Tale, producers Scott Zeiger and Brian Becker of BASE Entertainment made the announcement of the date change.

“We presented a four-week fully staged workshop of Diner in New York last November at which we received positive feedback from investors and theater owners,” Zeiger said in a statement. “We are excited about our progress and it has become very clear the direction in which we need to continue to take this new American musical.”

Crow penned the song lyrics and music for the upcoming musical, which is set in Baltimore on Christmas in 1959. The musical tells the story of a group of friends in their early 20s by tapping into doo-wop and rock n' roll music.

'Diner' was originally released as a movie starring Kevin Bacon, Paul Reiser, Daniel Stern and other noteworthy actors and actresses in 1982. Barry Levinson, who wrote the script, adapted it into a musical.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, 'Diner' had previously scheduled a pre-Broadway tryout at San Francisco's Curran Theatre last fall, but changed plans when the creative team decided to scale back the production and make it more intimate.

Luckily, for Crow -- and everyone else involved -- 'Diner' is still on the books for later this year.