I know, it's cold, it's rainy, it's gross out there. It's a long way from Spring or even Summer, definitely.  You've probably shoveled your share of snow and scraped your share of ice.  If you're like me, your hands are cold, you stepped in a puddle, and there's holes in your winter coat. But let's focus on the positive!  Let's look forward to some stuff you can get up to when the weather turns a little warmer...  mainly cave exploring!

1. Talking Rocks Cavern, in Branson.

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Above ground activities are numerous! Play a round of Cave Country Mini-Golf on our mostly shaded miniature golf course. Purchase a bag of sluice, pan for gemstones, and take home all of the gems that you find! Hike the nature trail to the lookout tower, conquer the indoor and outdoor SpeleoBox crawl mazes, and enjoy a break at one of the shaded picnic areas. Bring the kids (and grandkids!) and let them explore the expanded Kid’s Play Area.

Find out more and get tickets at their website.

2. Mark Twain Cave, in Hannibal.

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Just steps away from our Visitor’s Center is Sticks, Stones and Bones where kids can pan in our sluice for semi-precious stones and dig for fossils. At Stick, Stones and Bones they can whitewash Tom’s fence! Next door is Cave Hollow West Winery where you’ll find over 20 Missouri wines all made from Missouri grapes. You’ll also find gifts for your home and for the wine connoisseur.

Here's their website for more.

3. Onondaga Cave in Leasburg.

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Descend into the depths of Onondaga Cave State Park and drop into a world of wonder: towering stalagmites, dripping stalactites, and active flowstones help make the cave a National Natural Landmark and illustrate why Missouri is often called “The Cave State.” Visitors can take guided tours into the underground wonderland. But if you prefer the surface, the park’s Vilander Bluff Natural Area provides a panoramic view of the Meramec River. Easy access to the Meramec River allows visitors to canoe or fish in a peaceful and scenic setting.

Click here for more information.

4. Top Of The Rock Lost Canyon Nature Trail And Cave in Ridgedale.

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Experience the unforgettable two and a half-mile journey on an electric cart as you explore the Top of the Rock Lost Canyon and Nature Trail. This dramatic trail was created to highlight stunning rock formations, waterfalls and views of Table Rock Lake. Don’t forget to stop at the Bat Bar for a fresh glass of lemonade.

Find out more here.

5. Bluff Dweller's Cave in Noel.

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They have a great gift shop, gem panning, and a large museum of the cave's history. Find out more here.

There are so many great caves out there in Missouri, though. I can't possibly list them all, but here's hoping you have a little fun out there.

Cavingly yours,