All my life, I've been spelling my name to people. It's not that unusual a name, mind you, but it is an odd spelling. When I was a kid, I went by my middle name because my Mom named me after herself (she had the traditional spelling). So I, at least, had a normal name...somewhat. It was very unusual back in the day to not see about seven Jennifers or Marks or whatever, and I usually stood out a bit. But now, it seems like EVERY kid has an unusual name. And spelling!

According to Baby Center, here are the top most popular baby names for 2017:



Liam? Sure, that's a good name. Noah? Very biblical. I did expect it to be Lyam or Noahe (the E is silent). So because we're not choosing names like Stephanie or Matthew anymore, here's some names that are in danger of going away, at least according to Baby Center.

• Angela
• Bertram
• Beverley
• Cecil
• Carol
• Clarence
• Clive
• Cyril
• Debra
• Diane
• Donna
• Dean
• Doris
• Dennis
• Derek
• Duncan
• Elaine
• Ernest
• Geoffrey
• Horace
• Joanne
• Leonard
• Maureen
• Malcolm
• Nigel
• Neville
• Paula
• Roy
• Sally
• Sandra
• Sharon
• Sheila
• Tracey
• Wendy
• Yvonne
• Wayne

Is your name coming off the list?

Spellingly yours,


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