So last week Beau and I both asked this question on the Kix 105.7 Facebook page: What's the worst type of candy you can get in your trick or treat bag? We didn't coordinate on asking the question. It's just proof that great minds think alike. And I think we can officially say candy corn is the least favorite candy we can find in our trick or treat bags.

Look at either of our Facebook posts and that's the candy most people seem to universally hate. So what other kinds of candy do people want to avoid getting in their trick or treat bag?

  • Black licorice / Licorice - Morning respondents seemed to not like black licorice very much. Although a couple of afternoon respondents also put the kibosh on black licorice too. It seems people had less of a dislike for Twizzlers or Red Vines though.
  • Mary Jane Peanut Butter Kisses -That's the official name for the "Peanut taffy like candy in the orange and black wrappers," as Anita referred to them as. Officially, their described as "chewy candy taffy that tastes of sweet, smoky molasses with a dollop of peanut butter." This according to Amazon. While most of us weren't fans some were.

Those were the two other types of candy that stood out that people didn't like. There were other's sprinkled throughout the responses. Tootsie Rolls, pop corn ball, Smarties, suckers, coconut, Bit-O-Honey, gum, apples and raisins all were mentioned.

Yvette, who mentioned the raisins, pointed out, "Always that one house who hands out raisins." Yeah the little Sun-Maid raisins. Yuck. I always hated those too. And the folks giving fruit, like apples. Come on, it's one night a year. You can't pop for at least a bag of Nerds to give out?

I also learned Beau holds an unpopular opinion regarding Halloween candy. He's one of two or three folks who mentioned Snickers as a candy he'd like to avoid getting in his trick or treat bag. All I have to say about that, if you get Snickers you don't want, bring 'em to me. I'll take care of them for you. Now if you get an Almond Joy, you can keep that. I'm not a big almond, chocolate, coconut guy.

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